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Spa tratment abso water Series

Spa treatment Please try this product on your skin and see the difference, 1 minute later.

Water that doesn't rust = [Alkali Electrolysis Water] protect you from being rust.
[ABSO WATER] skin care series

Alkali electrolysis ion water transform pure water into negative air ion water, by taking the
time and using the stat-of-the-art technology equipment, to reduce the oxidation Electrolysis.

Tightening Pores Lotion
By using a cotton or puff, it eliminates the pore’s fat & dirt, and tightens the pore.

Skin Penetration Lotion
Alkali Electrolysis Ion Water + Hyaluronic acids, can rapidly penetrate to the deep layer
of the skin, the effect last continuously.

Skin Flexibility Lotion Milk Cream
Alkali Electrolysis Ion Water will transform the hard skin into softer skin, giving
shining and transparent skin.

Protect Milk Cream
ABSO SKIN MILK uses sunflower seed oil, which enables to improve the rough skin, and providing long lasting moisture effect.

Rust condition of metal by difference of water
Abso Water vs. Tap Water
(Testing with clip)

The difference of the penetration to the horny layers.
Abso water lotion Regular lotion

abso water SPA treatment Life care series
Lotion NET: 100ml
Milk NET: 80ml
Cream Net: 30ml

Abso Water (Alkali Electrolysis Ion Water) that was born by the new Electrolysis technology is 100% blended.
※ 100% of Alkali Electrolysis Ion Water is used on water base.
Spa treatment