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Spa tratment Deodrant Gel

Spa treatmentDeodorant Gel

Volume: 40ml
Effective molecular, penetrate in-dept. molecular dimension’s, eliminate the base smell completely.

Not noticing your own body’s odor…

In recent years, Japanese’s eating habits and living customs have become similar to Europe & America people. Therefore, comparing with the older Japanese, the younger Japanese’s body have a stronger odor, most of them do not notice in some cases. The reason for the odors to form is, while sleeping.
The perspiration mixed with fungus, produce in the daytime, but even at sleep period, it will also reproduce. Therefore, before resting, (after-bath, wiping off the sweat), please use Treatment Deodorant Gel. It will remove the perspiration, mixed fungus effectively, while you sleep.

○ the long time continues the effect
○ Non-volatile oil to be addicted to the grain form, the feeling is dry and clear.
○ An over the counter drug, with extreme high effects on damping the perspiration, to deodorize.
○ Often (underarm odor reason fungus) has the highly effective sterilization in view of the underarm odor reason's skin in the fungus
○ Use every day, with no fragrance.
Spa treatment
Coordinates Aluminum Chlorohydrate, which stops the perspiration to deodorize. Controls Aluminum Chlorohydrate is the molecular dimension, while stops the perspiration, affects in the Apocrine sweat gland, eliminates the body odor the reason.
Uses the safety performance high amino acid is the disinfectant (CAE).
Spa treatment