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Spa tratment Oral Clansing

Spa treatment SeriesOral Cleansing

Volume: 9ml (1 time usage) x 7 packs
Volume: 9ml (1 time usage) x 28 packs

In just 20 seconds, at anytime or anywhere, “peel off” your mouth odor & dirt.

Mouth Deep Cleansing
Natural ingredient tea-leaf extract (such as oolong tea, green tea, etc.), which has been used in rinsing mouth from the old days, are mainly formulated.
Similar to as if tongue brushing after rinsing, and can easily reduce mouth germs & dirt, without damaging the tongue’s feeling or tasting.

Sodium Polyphosphate could easily clean your teeth’s stain, and protect the teeth from getting the stain again.

Silver Ion supports antibacterial power of the tea leaf extract, and preventing the smell of the mouth.
1 time usage amount in each package, it’s small, and convenient to carry to everywhere.

Due to it’s a liquid type, it will clean the surface of the tongue and place where normal brushing doesn’t reach. It is easiest oral care.

A surfactant, a sterilizer, paraben-free. The mint doesn't stimulate too strong, hence it will not paralyze the tasting.

After taste is lemon flavor, keeping your mouth refreshing for long period of time.
Spa treatment